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jason taylor
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Default Re: Aliens RPG

Originally Posted by cptbutton View Post
I've always assumed that one of the main jobs of the Colonial Marines was "bug hunts", i.e. exterminating (or at least suppressing) inconvenient low tech sophont species, with the pretext that they are merely animals.

Not sure how drop ship firepower helps that, though the nerve gas certainly makes sense.
I always assumed that to be military black humor, not a representation that the Colonial Marines are Nazi wannabes. When they are fighting they are usually fighting aliens. Who may or may not be low-tech, and are likely to be pretty tough customers whether or no. Military humor can be pretty grisly.
"The navy could probably win a war without coffee but would prefer not to try"-Samuel Eliot Morrison
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Default Re: Aliens RPG

Considering "bug hunt" was contrasted with "a stand-up fight," I got the impression that a "bug hunt" was going and sweeping an area without a clear objective while looking for a threat that might not even exist. Basically, a snipe hunt.
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Default Re: Aliens RPG

Originally Posted by ak_aramis View Post
1's are NOT autofails on stress dice. They're "make a panic check."
1d6+accumulated stress for ≤9 or autofail. (7-9 have consequences, but they don't prevent the rolled action. 10+ does.)
Thanks! I stand corrected. (Risk of a one-shot where no one knows the system.) And there's a text box that androids not running out of ammo is a feature, not a bug.
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Default Re: Aliens RPG

Originally Posted by L.J.Steele View Post
Quick thought -- in Alien, Ash talks about how valuable the xenomorph would be to the Company. In Aliens, Burke talks about its value to the bio-weapons division. Who is the Company (or its customers) fighting that they need that kind of killing power?
Late to the party. I always assumed that Wayland-Yutani was (among other things) a weapons manufacturer with one or more governments as its customers. So, their customers are probably fighting each other.

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