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jason taylor
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Default Re: Exotic Governmental/Legal Systems

This one will work on a frontier colony in an expanding space empire.

The system is evolving from a Van Rjn style corporate pseudo-state to an aristocracy. The different Major corporations are organized like an oriental corporate cartel. Each associated company holds stock in every one of the others. They deal in all sorts of things, generally whatever commodity is most convenient for their area: just like Hudson's Bay did fur and East India, Tea. A finance firm is above that in turn holding shares in the companies below. The top company gives preferred shares supervoting rights to ensure that anyone outside the old boys (and old girls) network is prevented from LBOing the system.

Each cartel conducts diplomacy with small powers whatever they call themselves, either minor corporations or native princes or whatever. This can and sometimes does include waging war on it's own account.

At this point the leaders start to take on monarchial airs including building palaces, having guards in parade uniform, etc. In some cases there is a classic Emperor/Shogun, or Sultan/Vizier type dual rule.

Earth in the meantime maintains a more conventional governmental structure. Every once in a while someone decries the Malefactors of Great Wealth (as Teddy Roosevelt called them when he was sore at them).
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