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Default [Thaumatology] Thoughts on a magic system

Hey all. After some messing about with Thaumatology and inquiry on the forums, I think I've decided on a magic system for an upcoming campaign. However, I'd love any and all criticisms! Basically, it's a variation of threshold magic and ritual magic, as outlined below.

Threshold/Recovery Rate: Starts at 25/6.

Magery: Level 0 costs 5 p, and levels above costs 10. Levels 3 and requires Unusual Background (Archmage) for 10 p. Magery adds to Thaumatology, but does not add to skills. Rather, it functions as a cap on spell skills, by the way of 10 + Magery level.

Core Skill: The core skill is Ritual Magic (Grimoire), a VH/IQ skill. There are no College skills.

Grimoires and Spells: A mage can cast any spell in their grimoire at the a penalty equal to the spell's prerequisite count. Spells scribed to a mage's grimoire can be improved as Average techniques.

Limit on points invested in spell techniques: A character can invest a number of points in spell techniques equal to their Thaumatology level.

Modifiers: By taking the time to cast a spell ritually, a mage increases casting time to ten times the listed casting, but can now employ sympathy and contagion modifiers; astrological modifiers; magical materials; etc.

Clerics and Power Investiture: Clerics do not have grimoires. Rather, along with their core skill (Ritual Magic (Whatever Pantheon They Worship)), they have a number of college spells each related to a deity in their pantheon. College skills do not default to core skill. They can improve individual spells as Average techniques.

Any thoughts on this? I'm considering changing spells to being Hard techniques after doing a character creation test and realizing that this system is overall pretty point inexpensive. But any other observations and thoughts are highly appreciated!

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