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Default Re: [Basic/MA] Defense On Horseback - Seated?

Originally Posted by Polkageist View Post
Riding is a very dynamic and active thing, you're definitely not sitting or in a sitting posture. You're constantly shifting your weight to direct and move with the horse, maintain balance, posting (standing in rhythm w/ stride) to smooth out your own ride, and so on. That's probably why defenses are normal at Riding: 12+, since at that level you are comfortable enough on horseback to comfortably move around in all the ways you need to.

To that end, I would add that I don't think the Retreat-and-Defense should be ruled out for riders. I WOULD only allow it once for the rider/horse combo, since it'll go down one of two ways. Way the first would be the rider retreating, which would slide them off the butt of the horse (or off the side, whichever) essentially an emergency dismount. Possibly more appropriate as a dodge-and-drop, but I'd make that call in the moment. The other is tapping the horse to retreat, which the horse is absolutely capable of doing but that's it for retreats for both the rider AND the horse (if there are horse defenses to handle), the rider has used up the action economy and attention in doing that. The team can't do the other retreat for the same reason you can't retreat twice while on foot.
Yep I like that, on the 2nd option (I.e. the Horse actually stepping back), I'd base it off the horse's dodge and limit to it war trained mounts.

Also the horse's prior movement would have to be compatible with the retreat option.

But to me it's very in keeping with the idea of well trained combat rider being able to use their horse's extra mobility to their benefit and the detriment of a slower foot opponent.

Really good horses might even have move rates that qualify for a 2 yard step, making retreats even better!
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