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Default Alternative to Dodge

Dodging is much harder than parrying, and the rules do a decent job reflecting this. Dodging means moving your entire body to avoid an attack, and an Acrobatic Dodge means flipping, cartwheeling, and leaping around. If you Dodged between your last turn and your current turn, you should have a substantial penalty on attacks or any DX-based rolls.

I was thinking of something like this:

Moving Erratically
Make a DX or Acrobatics roll. Attackers get a penalty on attacks equal to the margin of success (minimum -1), until the start of your next turn, but you would take -4 on your own attacks.

Maybe the penalty should be -6 to your own attacks, but half of this penalty can be bought off as a technique. Just a thought.

Or possibly the Dodge mechanism can be kept as is, but as soon as you make a Dodge, you take a -4 penalty on subsequent DX-based rolls (not including other Defense rolls) until the end of your next turn.
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