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Old 10-25-2018, 10:14 AM   #231
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Neat, I've signed up for RPOL and sent a request to join, but I've started a thread here for now starts 1 on 1 and each poster plays 1 char but if a 3rd player (or more) wants to join they can.

So there's some warning, I think I'll play it like Super Smash Brothers where the challenger appears on a floating cloud with a 3 second countdown, so there is some chance to respond. I would say we can make perception checks each second to notice them there, otherwise they get a surprise attack. "One Foe" (+1 to defense against one guy, penalty to perceives others) is an option I'll begin with.

Fantasy Grounds looks nice but I'd only use free virtual tabletop right now if I were to do live schedule gaming.

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With the kind permission of Archangel Beth, I can announce the link to the new game here! In Nomine for adult players, in my little world

This is a continuation, a part 3 if you will, of my two PbP's Mile Higher Club and The Pacific War. The format is slightly different and hopefully a little quicker, threads being discreet scenes that may eventually overlap. It is a Closed group only due to anticipated adult themes. Show a passing interest in roleplaying and I'll gladly add you. Mention this space and I'll add you without question.
Criminy...these two have enough issues, they can sell subscriptions! (ladyarcana55, in a PM)
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Old 11-17-2018, 05:30 PM   #233
Greg 1
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I hope to run this at RPGnet. I've got an Interest post up there in their Play By Post section, but I don't want to include a link across forums.

I don't promise to run it yet. Let's see what interest I get first. Please post to the thread at RPGnet.

GURPS Vikings One-Shot: Glory of the Svartrsung

Norway. 939 A.D.

Jarl Olafir the Swineherd of the Svartrsung sends word to all the scattered farmsteads.

Jarl Brynjar One-Eye of the Gunnardung has challenged the clans to a great contest at his mighty hall Seggrhalla, by the little coastal town of Fiskrfjordr. Over the course of three days, teams will compete in running, spear-throwing, glima (wrestling), riddles, archery, hnefatafl (board games), lausatök (team unarmed combat), poetry, and hunting. All participants must compete in all contests. Nine finely-worked armbands of pure gold will be awarded. Their names are “Shining”, “Precious”, “Treasure”, “Freya’s Hair”, “Beautiful”, “Wonderful”, “Winding”, “Desire” and “Hero’s Portion”.

The Svartrsung have seen better days. You are proud descendants of Svartr Foe-Burster, trusted huscarl to Harold Fairhair, King of Norway. But today you are a small and unimportant family, doggedly hanging on to what remains of their ancestral territory. More powerful clans than yours plan to take those rings for their own glory. The Gunnardung, rich and powerful Vikings and traders. The Skogralfings, who carve their farmsteads out of the dark forest. The dour Halvordung of the frozen uplands. The islander Kjeldings, those lovers of the oar, whose eyes turn always to the sea.

Volunteers of good Svartrsung blood are to assemble at Jarl Olifir’s hall, Spjǫrheimili, on the first day of Sólmánuđur, in the height of summer.

PCs should be built on 200 points with no supernatural or cinematic abilities or disadvantages. No exotic backgrounds will be allowed. This is a tale of Scandinavian warriors and their bonds of family.

The genre is pseudo-historical. In other words, I want an atmosphere of realism, but I’m not going to put a lot of effort into getting the historical details right, and I’m going to ignore historical accuracy when I feel like it. Likewise, players should be as historically realistic as they know how to be but are not expected to go to a lot of effort.
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