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Default [WWII] LS2-class light motor torpedo boats (Germany)

LS2-class light motor torpedo boats
Copyright 2011 by Brandon Cope

The German LS (Leichte Schnellboote, light fast-boat) craft were developed in 1939 as midget torpedo boats for planned use with commerce raiders and with the (later canceled) Type III U-boat, which would have carried two. The torpedoes (457mm) originally planned for the boats were not standard Kreigsmarine equipment and were never fitted. The LS1 was retired without becoming operational due to an excessively heavy hull but the LS2 (named Meterorit), carrying three mines in place of the rear firing torpedoes, was assigned to the HSK Komet. The engines used in the first two boats were unreliable and the LS2 spent more time being repaired than in action and was destroyed by an engine fire.

The LS3 and LS4 were equipped with lighter and more reliable engines. The LS3 still carried mines and was used by the HSK Komoran while the LS4 Esau used by the HSK Micheal was the first to receive a torpedo armament of two 450mm weapons. The LS4 was extensively used by the Michel and hit at least one ship with its torpedoes (SS George Clymer) but failed to sink it. The Esau was destroyed when the Michel was sunk in October, 1943. The LS3 also saw action and laid mines in the path of a warship attempting to pursue the Komoron, to little effect. It was scuttled after the Komoran was lost in November 1941, but it is believed it shuttled at least some survivors to dry land first.

The LS5 and LS6, reverting to the older, unreliable engines, carried eleven depth charges each and were sent to the Aegean Sea. However, the small size of the charges and lack of sonar rendered the boats completely ineffective in the ASW role. LS7 through LS12 were completed later in the war but failed to achieve any notable results. Of the twelve boats, only LS12 survived the war.

Overall, while the Leichte Schnellboote was an interesting concept, it simply was unable to carry weaponry heavy enough to be effective in whatever combat role it was placed in.

The LS4 has a crew of nine men. The boat uses 57 gallons of diesel per hour. At a speed of 34 mph, this gives a range of 345 miles.

Subassemblies: Small Cutter chassis +3, Medium TD superstructure +2, one full rotation Small Weapon open mount #1 +1
P&P: 2x634 kW aerial HP marine diesel w/2x634-kW screw propeller, 699-gallon standard fuel tank; 8,000-kWs batteries
Occ: 3 CS Sup, 5 CS Body, 1 CS Turret and Superstructure
Cargo: 9.5 Body

All: 2/2

20mm Long Ground Autocannon/FlaK 30 [Turret:F] (270)
2x450mm torpedoes/LT 1A1 [Body: B]*
* linked to fire together

Body: 2 Fire extinguishers, 2 bilge pumps, environmental controls (full access). Superstructure: Medium radio transmitter and large radio receiver, navigation instruments, fire extinguisher. Turret: Universal mount

Size: 41'x11'x8'
Payload: 3.58 tons
Lwt: 12.7 tons
Volume: 212
Maint.: 79 hours
Price: $6,400

HT: 11
HP: 750 [body], 360 [superstructure], 75 [turret].

wSpeed: 48
wAccel: 15
wDecel: 0.7(7)
wMR: 0.1
wSR: 2
Draft: 2.5'
Floatation Rating: 36 tons

Design Notes
The design was quite overweight. Turret and superstructure weight, cost and HP were halved and the same chassis numbers were quartered. No proper torpedo tubes were installed; it was assumed they simply slid out the holes in the stern. The engine was designed with the aerial option to further reduce weight. Even with these tricks, design weight had to be reduced 16.5%.

Some carried a 15mm MG 151 (15mm Very Long Aircraft MG) instead of the 20mm cannon. The LS3 and LS4 used aircraft-style turrets while the others used open mounts for their guns. Also, even those equipped to carry torpedoes could carry three or four small mines instead.

40 vsp of body space is treated as waste space.
A generous and sadistic GM,
Brandon Cope

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Default Re: [WWII] LS2-class light motor torpedo boats (Germany)

Thanks for this Brandon! I think that either these E-boats/S-boats/PT boats (choose your country) or the Russian BKA 1125 make for great campaigns! Small crews, lots of action, and plenty of things for them to do, including get sunk, and have to fight there way around on shore!
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commerce raider, germany, torpedo boat, wwii

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