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Old 12-02-2017, 10:26 PM   #21
Dave Crowell
Join Date: Jun 2012
Default Re: Casey Joneskii

That's what I get for not pulling out the map to check. Given that the track deadends in the objective hex I would say that the train must stop in that hex.
9.02.4 "Running off the rails. If the train moves into a hex where the rails are cut, it is destroyed." Seems to make it quite clear that if the train enters S1-0413 at a speed that requires it continue moving beyond that hex it will not survive arrival.

If you hit the town on hex 3 of a speed of 6/7 you definitely run off the rails. If you hit the town on hex 6 or 7 of that speed you arrive safely, but will run off the rails on your next turn. Either way would seem to argue against survival.

I suppose the question is what does "reaches and survives" mean? I would think, given the scenario background of a load of vital supplies, that the train should be required to stop in the town, not just end the movement phase there while still moving at a speed that will carry it off the rails next movement phase. But does "survives" mean survives the scenario? Survives the attacker's turn imediately after arrival, giving the attacker last ups? Survives the defender's next trun following arrival, both players get a last us and the train must be stopped or it will run off the rails?

In the extreme survival could mean that the train must stop in the town and then either escape off the map or all attacking units must be off the map, either through escape or destruction before the scenario ends.

I know I have played the regular train scenario, but I don't recall playing this one. Now you guys have me overthinking what should be clear victory conditions.
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