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Michael Thayne
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Default Re: [High-Tech] Military Equipment: Global War on Terror edition

Another aircraft:

AC-130 Gunship

3e stats for this can be found in GURPS Special Ops. Converting to 4e requires some guess work, but I think we're looking at something like:

ST/HP: 182
Hnd/SR: +1/3
HT: 11f
Move: 3/180
SM: +7
Occ: 13SP
DR: 3
Range: 2,530
Loc.: g3WWi
Stall: 58

Weapons include a howitzer, similar to the RIA M2A1 in High-Tech. I've heard conflicting things about the exact specifications of the AC-130's howitzer, High-Tech seems to think it's a shortened version, but Wikipedia suggests a longer gun. As a GM, I'd just use the RIA M2A1 as-written at least until I found better information.

Other weapons include M61 autocannons and the Bofors M2A1 40mm cannon. The latter has stats in Special Ops, which converted to 4e come out as something like Dmg. 6d×6 (0.5) p++ + linked 3d [4d] cr ex, Acc 5, Range 3,000/9,600, RoF 2, Rcl 2. Also in Special Ops is the GE GAU-12/U Equalizer, 25×137mm cannon. Converted to 4e, it would have something like Dmg. 6d×4 (0.5) pi++ + linked 1d [2d] crushing explosive, Acc 5, Range 2,500 / 7,500, Rof 30, Rcl 2.
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high-tech, modern firepower

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