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Default Using V and W cards in play decks

I was having a problem reconciling my desire to use my W rare and V rare cards in certain deck builds(I have a Cleric deck that requires the Inn of Improbable Rooms, whimsically called the "Where the Hell Are We?" deck), and an idea occurred. I color-copied the card, put it back in the hard plastic top-loader, cut out the copy, and placed it in a sleeve with a different card(I have more Walking Dreads than I will ever use) to mimic weight and feel.

I don't feel that this violates anything, as it is still indistinguishable from the other cards, and I still have the card, but I can still play it without fear of it falling victim to "clumsy gamer syndrome."

-Brandon Murphy
MiB 0787

"I wouldn't even take a whiz on this! I used to DREAM of taking a whiz on this!" - The Monarch
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