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Default Re: Tying Spell Energy Discounts to Points Spent in Skill

Which is why I think the formula for effective skill for determining ritual effects for the standard magical system should be equal to 15 + (Spell - [IQ + Magery]), allowing the CP invested in the spell by a character to matter more than the intelligence or Magery of the character. In non-standard magical systems, the exact formula would be different, but the principle would be the same.
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Default Re: Tying Spell Energy Discounts to Points Spent in Skill

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
It's included in the formula because otherwise it would be overpowered at 10 points per level. The intent is to link points in skill to cost and not give 'free' discounts for high IQ or Magery.
Note, my advice was not just to exclude it from the formula, but from the skill 'level' consideration, adding in only at the skill usage point...

But that's probably just more steps than anyone but me finds useful. But as that is how Talents are meant to be used*, it's why I suggested it.

IE, if you have a Talent that adds to Sumo Wrestling, it isn't counted towards whether you've hit DX+1 or not. And technically "adding after skill level calculations"is backwards, but some of my Players couldn't wrap their heads intuitively around "adds to Stat before skill" so I swapped it to "adds at the end as a bonus", since everyone at my table grasps that at an instinctive level.
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Default Re: Tying Spell Energy Discounts to Points Spent in Skill

Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
And I dislike the fact that practically every PC mage has Magery 3 because of the skill bonus.
Not just that, the minimum Magery level requirements make Magery 3 just about a requirement for anyone who wants full access to all the spells in GURPS Magic.

It would make sense to have a limitation to Magery which doesn't give you a bonus to spell skill, but just "grants access" to spells which require a certain minimum level of Magery.

Spell Access Only (-80%): Your levels of Magery only apply when determining your effective level of Magery to determine if you can learn or use a particular spell or magic item. You get no bonus to Magery to detect magic, nor do you get bonuses to skills or spells where Magery bonuses would normally apply.

That said, I don't have a problem with stereotypical wizards having high levels of IQ. After all, "wizard" is synonymous with "genius" in certain dialects of English! Famous wizards like Merlin, Gandalf, Dr. Strange, Albus Dumbledore, etc. are all portrayed as being incredibly smart, perceptive, and (with some exceptions) strong-willed.

But, unless you want to design some sort of Druid or Cleric character with levels of Power Investiture, or a "super" character with powers defined as being magical, there doesn't seem to be much room for other wizard tropes. Certainly, the stock GURPS magic system locks wizard characters into the IQ 14 + Magery 3 mold.
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