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Default Monster Hunter's Bestiary

How could i stat an advantage/item that gives me bonus damage to specific creatures once i have studied one of them. How this would work is: The first time you meet a Magewrath Dragon (small dragons with a nasty bite that appear out of nowhere to feed off magical energy in my game world) you cannot target any specific area on its body. Once you study its corpse and/or study its behavior in combat you can target areas like vitals when you next fight one and you get +1 per die to your damage against them. Studying a corpse preserved in a lab or killed by someone else requires an IQ roll for the same effects.

Im really not sure how to build this so any help is appreciated
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Default Re: Monster Hunter's Bestiary

I would make a modular ability suitably limited so it can only pick Higher Purpose, and make it only let you change the trait to those you've studied.
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Default Re: Monster Hunter's Bestiary

I would make an advantage to add more "Damage ST" (1/2 cost) and "DX to cancel penalties to aim to specific parts of the body" (1/2). Both of them would have Accesibility "Only one race" (-20% or more depending the race).

If you want to buy this advantange you need to study the selected race before. Otherwise you can't buy this power.

If you want this advantage to affect other creatures you have to buy it again for every new race.
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Default Re: Monster Hunter's Bestiary

Hidden Lore skill?
Gives +1 dam at IQ+1, +2 dam at IQ+2 or more.

weapon master with damage depending on the Hidden Lore rather than the weapon's skill.
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beastary study guide, skill

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