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Default Quick Question: How could Sorcery and Ritual Path Magic supplement each other?

Hey, all!

Let's say spirits use Sorcery and men use Ritual Path Magic. Every so often, there is a hybrid between man and spirit that can use both magic systems! What would be some benefits to this? How could the two systems help each other out? How could Ritual Path Magic assist Sorcery? How could Sorcery empower Ritual Path Magic? You have one raw talent based on Will and a refined set of skills based on Intelligence. Where/how do they meet?

I'm looking for any and all ideas.


P.S. Could you have symbol magic somehow work with Sorcery in a similar manner to Ritual Path Magic? I'm pretty serious about this mixing, matching, blending stuff.
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Default Re: Quick Question: How could Sorcery and Ritual Path Magic supplement each other?

Sorcery seems great for immediate/on the fly type things(such as attacks), with RPM good for more strategic actions(long-term(days/weeks) effects, buffs/defenses.

Both are good for general purpose/utility magic.
(improv in sorcery, anything non-combat in RPM)

RPM is pretty good at letting you do anything the GM will allow(if you have the time and energy), while Sorcery gives you a fairly narrow set of enumerated abilities(which can be broadened with improvisation), usually with little time or energy invested.

Because there is so much 'general purpose' overlap, I would expect a character that can make good use of both sorcery and RPM to be more expensive than one that is similarly capable in one or the other.
As such, it may be more cost-effective to just buy a much higher charm cap(RPM) or Improv cap(Sorcery)
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Default Re: Quick Question: How could Sorcery and Ritual Path Magic supplement each other?

RPM, especially if there is no ritual adept available, is only usefull out of combat. Charms provide access to spells with no FP cost attached to them.

Sourcery is good in combat, especially at slinging damage dealing spells and improvising spells that must be done quickly.

RPM is better at "soft" effects such as eliminating smell (a notoriously expensive spell under sourcery), tracking someone, creating light, and so on.

Sourcery is better at "hard" effects such as mind control, damage dealing spells, and anything else that is explicetly done as an advantage.

The two systems mix very well if ritual adept is not allowed, because they span different time scales. In fact, all magic in my current game is a mixture of sourcery and RPM (one level of sourcery includes a level of RPM, but RPM can be learned without sourcery at a discount). If ritual adept is allowed the differences become less pronounced because energy can be quickly accumulated.
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