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Default Re: Supernatural Quirks and Perks

That thread trick sounds like something learned from Rumplestiltskin when he doesn't have time for the whole involved straw into gold lessons.
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Default Re: Supernatural Quirks and Perks

Originally Posted by Flyndaran View Post
I don't see how what happens to my character's corpse really matters to me or the character.
Covenant Of Rest is unique in that it prevents rising as undead to plague previous allies who may suffer otherwise. So I don't think it's really in the same vein... in case anyone was going to suggest that perk.
In certain campaigns, it can matter. If you are resurrected, have a Extra Life, time travel, etc. If the campaign covers relatives, etc.
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Default Re: Supernatural Quirks and Perks

Quirk: Flavorful
A certain type of creature finds you to taste especially good. It will target you over other party members to attack first and won't leave enough of your remains for a Resurrection if given a chance. You get +1 reactions from friendly individuals of this group, as a consolation.
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Default Re: Supernatural Quirks and Perks

Most of those sound like more significant drawbacks to be just a quirk. Though the idea of reflections being wrong is interesting. "The shadows of your reflection are always contrary to the local lighting conditions" could be one expression.

For telepaths with Telerecieve: you feel faint traces of sensory input felt by people you resonate with (with those being approximately a 1:7 chance). This may manifest in a feeling of chill when a winter wind blows even if you're tightly bundled up or in a car while a resonant individual walks down the nearby sidewalk with a thin jacket.

For supernatural characters: silver feels heavy to you, even through thick gloves. It doesn't affect encumbrance, it just detracts from your attention.

For a quirk level of Frightens Animals: birds, dogs, cats, and other small animals tend to stare at you even when they're normally active.

Vestiges of the Wraith: you receive a +1 to self-control rolls or other attempts to improve your mood when somebody in the immediate vicinity is gripped by any strong emotion.
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perks, quirks

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