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Default Bacta in Star Wars RPG

Iím looking for my scientist in my Star Wars RPG to be working on improving bacta. Itís already synthetic and Iím pretty sure doesnít go bad- so what can I do to improve bacta.
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Default Re: Bacta in Star Wars RPG

Currently, a tank of bacta must be completely discarded after a single use. This is expensive. Perhaps a filter or a purification process could be developed so that some portion can be safely reused.

Kolto patches and injections are used in the field partly due to stability and partly due to cost. You could be working on a bacta version of that.
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Default Re: Bacta in Star Wars RPG

Genetically engineering people to secrete their own bacta, making them rapidly self-healing.
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Lord Azagthoth
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Default Re: Bacta in Star Wars RPG

A bacta pump injects the bacta by infusion, through the body and filtering it out at the end of the treatment. It was used during the New Sith Wars.
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Default Re: Bacta in Star Wars RPG

According to the novels and lore, it's processed from plants from one world, and they hold a monopoly on it.

And it can go bad.

So working on a synthetic version is good. Although there are worlds throwing lots of money at the problem to break the monopoly, so your scientist had better be the best there is and have a good lab and lots of test materials.

And the GM had better look at the idea of succeeding, because it'll change the economy and politics in some pretty big ways.
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medicine, star wars

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