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Default Re: Supernormal Martial Artists [Martial Arts/Supers]

Captain America is a threshold case because of his shield. If you allow supernormals to have supergadgets, then Iron Man is a supernormal. If supernormals are restricted to mundane (and/or superscience) equipment, they can still have higher TL equipment through a combination of Gadgeteer, High TL, Signature Gear, and Wealth.

For example, a supernormal could discover an abandoned alien TL 12^ assault shuttle buried on their family's farm from a battle 10,000 years ago. With TL12^ military equipment, they could justify purchasing High TL+4, high TL skills, Signature Gear, and/or Wealth. With a TL 12 nanosuit, a TL12^ pulsar rifle, and a TL12^ tactical force field, a supernormal could face down a lot of superhuman without any trouble.
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Default Re: Supernormal Martial Artists [Martial Arts/Supers]

Ever since watching the Watchmen movie, I had thought of the non-powered heroes as "supernormal" in the sense that unlike normal people, they operated under various cinematic fighting rules, while their opponents were hindered by that "reality" stuff.

Having "supers" (whether they have powers or not) have to have an Unusual Background to use their special rules should do the job.
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