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Default Kneeling figures

Is their MA 0?
You can clearly attack with missile weapons, can you attack with melee weapons?

PS The only mention I can find to these questions is what happens if you take an arrow in the knee, cf Aimed Shots (optional), "Leg", p122.

PPS Why kneel?
Disengaged figures can move from standing to kneeling for free with options (d) and (f)
Kneeling figures maintain facing and can engage enemies (p 101)
Roll to miss required only for standing figures (p114 )
Kneeling behind fallen body gives defensive bonus (p 116)
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Default Re: Kneeling figures

Good questions.

Kneeling figures have front hexes (ITL 106) and can attack, at -2 DX, but is also attacked at +2 DX (ITL 121 & 122). They (at least, the injured ones, when not hobbling around on crutches) have MA 0 in combat (ITL 121).

Kneelers can't Disengage (ITL 106)

Kneeling mainly happens when using the optional leg injury rules.

However it can also allow (if the GM cooperates) a three-deep missile-weapon formation avoiding rolls to miss each other: Prone crossbowman in front claiming a +1 for bracing. Kneeler with bow or crossbow in middle, and another behind them, standing.

It also theoretically/RAW allows sheltering behind a body (see ITL 104 & ITL 116) though many may balk at it providing the same cover as being prone behind a body!

And Kneeling can get a crossbowman a +2 to hit if there is something convenient to brace the crossbow on from their position (ITL 116).
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