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Default Re: Translating the concept of HP from D&D (and the like) to GURPS

Originally Posted by Aldric View Post
Originally Posted by evileeyore View Post
I was always fine with experience drain. No wonkier than a magical ray of anti-magic.

I've even ported over the "negative energy drain" into my games, it deals out temporary (until healed/cured/exorcised) Skill check penalties.
That's because you never met one of those vampire variants that were warriors and had multiple attacks per round and could drain up to 4 levels per attack. Surprise, you're a rookie again, these 5 years of campaign never happened.
On the bright side, they didn't care much if you were a fighter with 100+ HP or a wizard with about 40.
There was something even worse. See I had heard vague things about The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires and wonder 'what would happen if a high level monk became a vampire?

Result: Mr Sponge - a 16th level vampire monk. Needless to say that didn't go well for anyone that thought getting in range of his touch was a good idea.

Having 4 attacks per combat round with the drain 2 levels per attack is totally insane and if you used the Dragon article "He’s Got a Lot to Kick About" (issue #53) that improved the monk to where they were on par with all the kung fu movies of the time it was worst.

Quick frankly the idea of a vampire draining knowledge was not only insanely goofy but didn't fit any type of mythological vampire known. It came off like the Magic-user not be able to wear armor rule - the rule came first and then there where was a lot of crappy BSing to try and explain how the rule made sense (which it didn't).

I even make a joke about the magic-user.

Orc warrior: What give with that guy in the back?
Orc commander: You idiot. He's clearly a magic-user. Archers, crossbowmen, Hit him with every missile weapon we have. Put him down. We'll hold off the front row.

Mr Sponge was played with a comedy relief tone:

Mr Sponge: Oh guests. Good I'm starving (to person in front of him)
Mr Sponge: slap, slap, slap slap. You don't look too good.
Mr Sponge: slap, slap, slap slap. Boy that didn't improve your looks any.
Mr Sponge: slap, slap... Oh you're dead. Well nice appetizer. Who's the main course?

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