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Default Cyberware with TD(electrical) when is the cyberware hit?

So cybernatic implants ("Cyberware") commonly has the Temporary Disadvantage, Electrical (-20%) limitation to represent vulnerability to electronic attacks.

But I am a bit confused as to how this is supposed to work exactly...

Say Dirk has the bionic voicebox (silvertongue implant) from UT (Voice with the limitation: Temporary Disadvantage, Electrical). Let us assume the voicebox is implanted in his throat He gets hit with surge damage. How are these different cases handled:

- His torso gets hit with a critical attack with surge. Is the voicebox deactivated? Or only when his neck (throat) gets hit with a critical?

- Simlarly: his torso gets hit with an attack with surge that deals more than 1/3 his HP in damage. Does the voicebox roll on HT (Dirk's HT? the voicebox's HT?)? Or only if the damage is dealt to the neck(throat)?
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Default Re: Cyberware with TD(electrical) when is the cyberware hit?

Personally, I feel the most balanced and consistent option is probably to just treat any hit to the character as risking the Disadvantage coming into play - meaning that tracheal implant could get switched off from a hit to the foot. I would not be opposed to giving a proximity-based bonus, however (or even penalty).

As for RAW... that's difficult to say. TD:Electrical functions quite a bit differently from most Temporary Disadvantages, after all.
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