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Default Re: The Food College Bothers Me

I can also see a sport similar to Kirkwall Ba developing after a century or so once both sides start to lose interest in warfare side of siege.

A strategically important bridge may end up with twin city structure similar to Buda and Pesht with all kinds of interesting intrigue.
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Default Re: The Food College Bothers Me

Originally Posted by adm View Post
Depends on how the wall is made, a brick at a time? Sure, turn that into food. A solid stone wall? All, or none.
How the GM handles the setting's metaphysics matters quite a bit here as well. In The Stormlight Archives, the military has slaves gather stones from the surrounding environment to transmute into food, rather than just making it from the ground (or breaking up chunks of the ground and using those). This is because how large an object is identified as (initially by people, but they gain their own identity over time) dictates how hard it is to transmute. A stone considers itself a distinct entity, while a chunk of broken-off ground will still identify as part of the ground, at least for a while. Similarly, in such a setting, individual bricks from a brick wall are likely to be nearly as difficult to transmute as a similar-sized part of a solid wall, as it will largely identify as being the wall, rather than an independent part of it.
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essential food, food college

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