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Default Re: Using ODE and Minis in the same scenario

Originally Posted by Misplaced Buckeye View Post
Andy ole buddy ole must have a lot of time, patience and skill, me I'm gonna take the road most travelled for now and either just use the Ogre rules for no stacking or go back to my of both if Ican just make the time to create Ghost Army ODE
Patience I've got too much of, but time is hard to come by as often as it isn't, and skill with power tools is up for debate. You've never seen the recliner I have that's held together by deck screws and hope. ;)

I wouldn't do what I put up above...I'm content using the 2D counters for hex maps (or falling back on them in a stacking situation), saving the minis for no-stacking, oversized-hex, or no-hex games...but do so enjoy the "Here's this problem somebody is having, I wonder if it's possible to make it work" thought exercises we get up to around these parts.
Andy Mull
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Lancaster, PA

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