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Default Re: Heavy Weapons, once again.

Originally Posted by Macunaima View Post
Giving them the ability to fire while transported, however, is too much of a good thing.
They may not do this.

As per section 3.02: The heavy weapon may not be fired while mounted (5.11.1) or on the turn the Heavy Weapons Team dismounts (this is an exception to 5.11.3).

That was scrubbed out long ago as it was far and away the biggest issue with them.

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Default Re: Heavy Weapons, once again.

I’m not sure that giving infantry squad 3/4 missiles (even 1) is defensible. Assuming that the illustrations and miniatures are correct, 3/4 missiles are BIG - ~9 feet long if the miniatures are 1/285 scale - and presumably correspondingly heavy. The infantry miniatures are much larger than they’d normally be in 1/285 scale as I recall, for playability reasons. Today, a TOW missile, the heaviest missile that’s (barely) manportable, is less than 4’ long, 6” in diameter and weighs about 56 pounds. Assuming similar density, a 3/4 Ogreverse missile would weigh ~270 pounds. I just don’t see such a system being generally tactically mobile, even assuming powered armor. And since Ogre turns are 4 minutes long, an “attack” in Ogre has to consist of more than one shot (except for possibly Ogre missiles). Modern antitank missile vehicles can fire 1-2 missiles per minute. Assuming Ogreverse missile tanks have a least this rate of fire, that implies up to 8 shots in a 4 minute turn. Halving that to account for terrain, targeting, etc., leaves an average of 4 missiles fired per “attack”. I just don’t think that a “squad” could carry 4 9 foot long missiles weighing 250 lbs each for any length of time.

Therefore - assuming you agree with my assessment above - I’d propose that the heavy weapons squad be analogous to modern heavy weapons teams - they carry heavier anti-infantry weapons, at the cost of mobility and expense.

I’d give them a 2/1 combat rating. Maybe allow a 1 attack strength at 2 hexes. If they move, they can only participate in overrun combat. In overruns, they have an attack strength of 2, not 4.

Infantry portable heavy AT weapons would need to be be smaller than 3/4 missiles to be manportable. I’d think that these missiles would either be 3/2 or 2/3. The first is the tank-busting missile; the second has longer range for lighter targets.

Missile squads would carry one type of missile. Limiting their ammo makes some sense; instead of giving them X shots, I’d have them run out of ammo if they roll a 1 or 2 on attack (the attack is carried out however). I would give them a 2 in overrun combat. A unit that moves cannot use missiles. In overrun combat, the unit has a strength of 2, representing close range, defensive small arms.

That’s how I’d do it, anyhow.
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Default Re: Heavy Weapons, once again.

According to GURPS OGRE infantry battlesuits would have no problem carrying a 300 pound missile, or a few of them.

Also according to GURPS OGRE, an hypersmart missile (the misiles launched by missile tanks and howitzers) is a lot heavier than that, even heavier than a battlesuit. So Heavy Infantry must be launching some kind of not hypersmart missile in higher quantities to have the same effect as a Missile Tank.
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Default Re: Heavy Weapons, once again.

I figure that the four man squad fires two missiles each, in rapid sequence, giving them 8 missiles in the air which at the equivalent of one MSL missile.
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