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Default Re: Hey Gang something fell through the cracks....

Originally Posted by wolf90 View Post
I am always happy to see what you might have in the works. I can look at it now and offer suggestions, or I can review it when you feel you're further down the path. Whatever works for you. As an initial assist, I would encourage you to check out the Writer's Guidelines; they can save you some steps by reviewing them first. Submissions may be sent to
Ask and ye shall receive. Cleaning out some of the encoding artifacts that came from going Notepad -> GMail -> Openoffice -> Forums, I did notice a few places where I'm going to have to make the tense consistent. But, this is what first drafts are for.
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Default Re: Hey Gang something fell through the cracks....

Originally Posted by wolf90 View Post
And ColBosch - I agree with CON_Troll . . . it would appear you have a nice seed germinating there!
Ow, my arm! Stop twisting it! Actually, I'm mulling over pitching something a little different to you. Watch your email...

Yep. Happens to me all the time. Including by SJGames - both in the distant past and currently! Sometimes it's an issue of your idea needs further work, sometimes it's an issue of being a good idea, but not where we want to go at this time, and sometimes it just isn't there. The key is to not give up and either refine the submission or try something else.
Exactly. This is also part of why it's best to pitch early, sometimes as soon as you have an idea, rather than trying to come up with something perfect and final. Not only will you not waste your time if the idea is rejected, it'll also get the pros involved early to help guide you, as well providing incentive to actually finish. SJ Games in particular really likes to be there every step of the way.
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Default Re: Hey Gang something fell through the cracks....

Originally Posted by ColBosch View Post
...guess that was too wall-of-text. Sorry! Elevator pitch: ghost units ignore terrain penalties, ignore D results, and treat X results as D.
I'll try out some of your concepts next weekend at a con I'm at.
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