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Jim Kane
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Default Re: How Do You Imprison TFT Wizards?

Originally Posted by Jackal View Post
Perhaps the more interesting solution is to be found in the society, not game mechanics?...The question isn't how to jail a Sorcerer. The question is what does a society of Sorcerer-kings look like?
Hah Ha! You and I both know what the Sociopolitical world of Socerer-Kings looks like; it looks like Robert E. Howard's Hyborian-World of Conan, and it looks and PLAYS like MY Cidri; and by your use of the term itself, I might hazard a guess that it possibly looks like your world too! LOL!
Frankly, I prefer to "imprison" an antagonistic wizard squarely between the scarred and bloodied stump of a felled oak tree, and the business-end of a sharp and fast moving battle-axe; somewhere right between the shoulder and the chin ought to get it,... just right,.... -JK

"I am NOT a "HERO"; I Sir, am a racially-motivated Freebooter; who is seeking out the hidden underground domiciles of Ocrs, Goblins, and that sort of ilk, with the express intent and purpose of committing: home-invasion, bodily-harm, vandalism, general mayhem, murder, and theft; and thereafter, abscond with all acquired transportable material wealth for my own personal gain and enrichment!,... and what game, may I ask, are YOU playing?!!?" - JK

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