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Default Re: Lucy's Choice: Let's make Lucifer Parallels!

Idiocracy: for no known reason, each generation of complex animals suffer reduced cognitive function.

It has a nearby reality 100 million BCE where all complex life appears to be gaining intelligence. Some dinosaurs have reached primate levels on par with movie versions.
Hassle, because a rumor that conceiving here will lead to a smarter baby. No evidence for or against that has shown up, but people will still try.

Researchers don't know if these are examples of some kind of environmental or biologically innate cycle.
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Default Re: Lucy's Choice: Let's make Lucifer Parallels!


Moreau-1 is a Q5 parallel inhabited by a diverse array of successor subspecies to humanity. One hundred years ago (the equivalent of year 1842 on Homeline), an adaptive metamorphic virus was released during a conflict that caused humans to transform into humanoid versions of the last mammalian animal that they came into contact with. Every member of the successor subspecies is a carrier of the adaptive metamorphic virus, which meant that the agents of the penetration team that suffered transformation were sent back to Moreau-1 after Infinity discovered that they could not prevent the virus from spreading except through quarantine.

The inhabitants of Moreau-1 are immune to the adaptive metamorphic virus and are capable of interbreeding despite apparent subspecies barrier due to the fact that their reproductive systems are unchanged except when required to bare young of their subspecies (children of two different subspecies take after their mother's subspecies). After fifty years of genocide warfare that reduced the successor subspecies population from 5 billion to 500 million, the subspecies of Moreau-1 are starting to rebuilt their technological infrastructure. The different subspecies have their disagreements (especially between the herbivores and the omnivores), but they want to avoid the genocidal warfare of the past.

The population of Moreau-1 has grown to 1 billion over the course of the past fifty years. Normally, Infinity would seal the coordinates and try to forget the timeline, but their former agents in Moreau-1 have recently reported that they have discovered evidence of conveyor research before the change. While they have stolen or destroyed everything related to that research, they warn Infinity that the inhabitants of Moreau-1 might start exploring conveyor research soon, meaning that they could potentially transmit the adaptive metamorphic virus to other timelines.

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