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Default Control Energy

Control Energy lets you build a reflector/insulator that's Lvl * Lvl in size.

So would Control Fire (2 yards x 2 yards) erect an insulator that protects you from any intensity fire attack from that direction?

Can you reflect it in any set direction? Perhaps back back towards who shot at you like a mirror that you use to bounce a laser back towards a stationary shooter?

This sounds like a way to buy an energy immunity (yes, there are drawbacks). Control 6 should allow you to build a nice big (6x6x6 yds) protective box around yourself and your buddies...
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Default Re: Control Energy

Yes, I've always treated it as total immunity. It's yet one more thing that justifies the high cost of Control.

In fact, in my last supers game, we had one players who bought Control 2 (Electricity; Ranged, +40%; Reflexive, +40%; Only to reflect or draw towards myself, -80%) specifically to protect anyone within 100 yards from lightning attacks. (She had crazy levels of electricity absorption.) While she never actually ended up using it to protect others (yeah, they fought electric foes, but she coincidentally was always with the part of the team not dealing with them -- not my fault, honest!), the idea was that with an IQ roll she could throw up up to two reflectors to arc any lightning attack away from someone and towards herself. (We decided that she would definitely need two in case she had to go around a corner -- and if there were multiple corners, she probably wouldn't be able to see them anyways, even remotely.)
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