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Default Re: The World of Solem

Torag God of the Earth, The Mountains, The Dwarves and Craft

When the Creator gave the Mother the huge task of creating the physical shape and space of Solem she soon felt overwhelmed by the sheer size and scope of the task and despite putting much of her power and energy into the earth itself she soon realized the Creator was impatient with her work, beautiful as it may of been.
She said to him that she demanded help not impatience and that he also needed to give his time to the physical world of Solem.

They argued it is said and the argument became both thunderous and passionate, a great earth like storm rent the world in great valleys and after the argument and passion subsided the God Torag was born into the world.

This new being looked around him and understood what he was and what he should do. He went straight to work, fulfilling his tempestuous wants and desires.
Mountains were raised from the plain flat lands, coastlines and islands raised from the water that had started to pool around the world, great ranges and hills were given shape and color and all around him the world of Solem took shape and character.

It was not long that the Mother said to her son Torag that he perhaps had gone to far, he had to give her room for the forests and the river valleys, the plains and the beautiful spaces of the coming world to be.

Torag was perplexed as he had never considered restraint, she asked him to stop and cut back on his mountains grandeur and he found himself unable to do so he was too connected magically to the high places of the world.

He instead told his Mother he would create a race of servants to help him manage these mountains and reduce their size and height, he foresaw them to be beings made from the mountain stone themselves and when he asked his mothers permission to give these stone beings life, she was delighted and helped him with her own power.

She saw these new earthen beings as a being a counter to the Creators Elves, more grounded literally in the world itself and free of his influence and thought.
She called them Dwarves and mixed her own power and Torag's to create them from the very earth and stone of the mountains and gave them the task of reducing and mining the many huge mountain ranges her son had created.

Torag was jubilant with the Dwarves creation and soon taught them his crafting arts and much of his power over stone and earth.
He sent the Dwarves out into the world to do his great work and during much of the age of legends, the Dwarves slowly and methodically did their work, bringing the mountains of their birth into balance with the mothers vision of creation for Solem.

To ensure Torag had a reason for being after his work in Solem was done, the Mother gave him his next great labor the creation of Mount Paradise, a mountain so huge, so tall that it could serve as a link from the world of Solem into Paradise the place where the Creator and the Mother lived that oversaw all that they had created together.

Torag went about this new task with vigor and determination and by the end of the age of legends the mountain was complete in all its huge splendor. So tall that it reached Paradise itself if a being was brave enough to go there.
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Default Re: The World of Solem

Yelm god of the sun, god of fire, god of volcanoes.

The Creator looked at his work and was displeased, all was in darkness he needed for Solem to be seen, he needed light into all four corners of the world and he needed it to be so now.

His son Yelm took his first breaths in the sky and light enveloped the world, in every corner and crevice the new god shone.

He took his place high in the sky, never moving, his smiling magnificence bring light and heat to his fathers creation.

The Mother was pleased, although she did not have a hand in the sun gods birth, she could feel the warmth and heat beat down on her many creations and she foresaw correctly his power would in turn give her own creations life and sustenance.

Yelm was transcendent, his power could be felt in all lands and his firery rays beat down across Solem helping life grow in all ways and forms.

Only one being was unhappy that was Torag god of earth and stone, who was jealous of Yelms power, his status and his place high in the sky.
He said to the Mother he was unneeded and that his warmth filled rays were sometimes to too strong causing the hills and plains to dry and become like dry sand. Torag hated that Yelm could change the very earth he called his own and challenged Yelm to a duel of the gods to see who was greater.

To this Yelm readily agreed and sent huge balls of fire from his body from the sky deep into the earth. Deeper and deeper the fire bolts dug until they reached the Mother herself, where she smiled and sent them back towards the surface.
Here they exploded once again finding their way out of the very mountains Torag held so dear. In one action Yelm had won their duel as he made Torag yield so that his prized creations were not destroyed in fiery smoke and flame.

Yelm laughed and said now he had felt the power of the under earth he would not readily give it up and Torag had to concede that Yelm had the right to journey deep in his earth with his fiery power.

The creator looked on impassively and told Yelm he must take this new power seriously and named these firery balls volcanoes.

Much later Yelm decided to send his greatest celestials to Solem to teach the Elves and Dwarves his gift of fire. Although resistant at first Torag soon saw the wisdom of such a scheme and he ensured his Dwarves made the most of this new gift from the sun god.

Yelm to this day sits in the sky and shows his strength although he now shares time with the stars and the moons, he always returns, covering Solem in his great warming light, ever laughing, ever smiling at the Dark One's attempt to extinguish him and pull him from the sky.
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