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Old 02-18-2020, 12:36 PM   #41
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Default Re: Murderiest Hobo?

Because counting stats have always been interesting like home runs, points, ships sunk, planes shot down etc. We love knowing about 'how many X did Y do' and have detailed 'top Aces of WW2' etc lists.

And my fantasy experience started with the Lord of the Rings so Gimli and Legolas counting kills ranked right up there with Roger Maris knocking 61 home runs.

OOC on this character I have to track arrow use, so the marginal cost to track kills is low

IC the character believes shooting enemies with a bow is truly right and just as Elven as baking cookies, and she knows her heroes did such amazing things and she wants to accomplish these things herself as a rightful Elven hero, but she really isn't into nuance or historical context to know _why_ this is a good thing, just bigger numbers is better!

She is extremely troubled by killing people using a sword instead of a bow, melee combat is so unelven! She rationalizes it by feeling enemies who require her to use a sword (for instance by casting missile shield) are discriminating against the Elven way of life and thus must be eliminated, and that if you look at it the right way swords are actually bow like. She cites the 'Reverse Floresta Principle' to support this, the Floresta Principle says arrows are really small swords you shoot at people. This let's her get through the day when she is forced to resort to swordplay. Mostly.
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Default Re: Murderiest Hobo?

Originally Posted by Michele View Post
Thanks! Part of the character concept.
Not originally, something that's emerged as he's developed.

Originally Posted by Anders View Post
If he kills three people in a row, does he call it a hat-trick and celebrate?

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Default Re: Murderiest Hobo?

The first (and only, honestly) lasting DnD campaign I was in, my character became so ridiculously overpowered (due largely to some poorly-balanced houserules from the DM, as well as a desire to keep up with his equally-broken DMPC) I stopped bothering to roll damage unless against a boss-type foe, I just rolled my d20 for a while (10 attacks each turn, with something like a 40% chance to threaten a crit, meant a lot of rolling), told the DM how many normal hits and how many crits I managed, and asked "How many did I kill?" Even ignoring the scene where he went out to fight a sizable portion of a besieging army on his own (which we abstracted away with a few dice rolls that indicated, to the surprise of nobody at the table, that he routed the enemy without any serious complications, killing a rather large number of them), I'd be surprised if his kill count was under 1000.
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Default Re: Murderiest Hobo?

I have a character that, while her kill count is not that impressive, gets a honorable mention for being a literal murder hobo.

She is an elven follower of a God of Justice from a grittier D&D setting than is the norm, one belonging to a more militant sect. And waking up in the middle of Detroit, Michigan, she is effectively a homeless undocumented immigrant, so a literal hobo.

Her more militant sect takes Justice in their own hands when the local governments and/or society refuse to deal with crimes, and brutally kill "untouchable" perpetrators while leaving a calling card behind, announcing the crimes they killed them for, and intent to continue the acts of vigilantism until action is taken to rectify the situation by making the "untouchable" perpetrators "touchable" again. Back in her world, it meant executing war heroes who used their status to hide crimes, or nobles abusing their limited legal immunities. In this world, it mostly means executing select teachers and juvie correctional officers.
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