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Default Re: Stuff I felt should exist....

On the flip side of Pickup bed types if carriers for 10 Wheelers ; how about Pickups with Flatbeds for Cargo ?
I've spotted numerous photos of 'Flatbed Pickups' on the net , but not really seen any in the UK . Body would weigh slightly less - 1,900-1,950lbs perhaps - & less initial Cargo Spaces - 8? - but with potential for more to be stacked . I'll use one in an upcoming scenario , mounting a Snow Machine on the back !

After seeing a few problems with Vehicular Grenade Launchers during games recently , really think their stats/design need looking at ?
Perhaps a short ranged 5 shot Mini Launcher ( that can use 10 shot std GL mags though ) , or a revamp to a 1 Space Weapon .

Civilian players battling on the Road , take one look at the AGL , & sigh with longing . So much so many of us GMs let them use AGLs in wilder less civilised areas . Especially if Bandits & Wreakers use them against players to !
Five Gauss Guns on a Camper !!!
The Resident Brit .
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