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Default Re: Dodging while being levitated by Telekinesis?

Originally Posted by DouglasCole View Post
The penalty for being held with nothing to push off of should be similar to being in free fall without the nausea effects. That's -5 to DX, and (rounding up), -3 to Parry and Block. Since the free fall skill also impacts HT, that makes it a flat -3 to Active Defenses.

That makes "suspended in midair" like this on the Posture Table:

Posture Attack Defense Target Movement
Suspended -5 -3 Normal None
Lying Down -4 -3 -2 1 yard/second

So it's a bit worse than lying down for attacking, equivalent for defending, you're no smaller a target than you were standing up, and have no purchase so you can't move.

The Free Fall skill helps you buy this off; it'd be somewhat legit, I think, to treat this as a technique rather than a skill, since the only purpose of Free Fall is to buy off a penalty, much like Ground Fighting. Make it a Hard Technique like ground fighting.
This sounds incredible sensible and easy to use, thanks, I shall go with this.

Originally Posted by sir_pudding
Is this what the Pickup option that we are talking about is for? If the rules for grappling are still "very sparse" I can't imagine what you'd require for adequate rules on the subject. Do you think Technical Grappling needed to be 100+ pages?
As technicle grappling is as far as I can see it, a quite detailed optional grappling rule system, I was referring to Basic mostly, which is one of the few places that addresses Telekinesis for grappling.

And while pickup is a good fit for technical grappling, I think wanting solution for the basic rule set should not be that farfetched an idea.

Also, Binding as an alternative attack / ability would create a situation where, to achieve the effect, a character first has to hit with the binding, then lift an opponent, with the reverse being impossible and also making it necessary to escape both the binding and the telekinetic grapple, so, this is pretty clunky and plays out with even MORE implausible results.

My complaint was lack of a perceived realistic consequence of dangling in the air not to make an ability that works really counter intuitively...

@Edges: That would also be a practical solution (and to throw someone around or do other stuff with them, one can just add the 0/1/3 remaining seconds to lift them in a position where it would enable such stunts)
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