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Default Re: Martial Arts: How does Disarm work?

Originally Posted by DangerousThing View Post
I believe that the to-hit is still dex-based, but the quick contest can (optionally) be str-based. If you try to disarm the str 18 barbarian, he will probably opt to use strength for the contest. :)
That is what I figured, as well (maybe I should have at least italicized the quick contest part in my post...heh)
That the to hit is a regular dex roll.

The ambiguity being:
Either the actual contest is either weapon skill based on ST or DX, or in the case of ranged weapons, DX only.
You can choose your DX Weapon skill, or a regular strength check, but leaning toward the first option due to the phrasing "based on" being used.

I simply wasn't sure enough despite leaning toward one option, but now I'm pretty much on the first option side, just as mlangsdorf 'played it out'.
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Default Re: Martial Arts: How does Disarm work?

The quoted passage is pretty clear: Both the attacker and defender make weapon skill checks in a Quick Contest. Either of them may make a DX based weapon skill check or a ST based weapons skill check.

So again, if you have Saber at Stat +7, DX 14, and ST 20 and are attempting a disarm, you may choose to make a DX based Saber roll versus an 21, or a ST based Saber roll versus a 27.

It's not a simple ST check. You can leverage your skill and your muscles.
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Default Re: Martial Arts: How does Disarm work?

there are some variations to Disarm introduced later in books like Technical Grappling, Tactical Shooting and Protection and Warning Spells
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