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Old 10-03-2011, 07:17 AM   #1
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Default Wizard Vs. Bard abilities

I played my first game of munchkin last night and an interesting thing happened in the game.

I was a wizard who was Enthralled by a bard to force him to help in battle. Now, to prevent the bard from gaining a level, I used a potion that caused the monster to gain a further +3, tying both side's level mods. Now, the bard is essentially forced to run, whereas I could charm the monster. Now the clarification needed is this. When deciding to run in a situation like that... who needs to run first? (I ask because if I ran first and succeeded, he would try to run, or if I had failed, I doubt I'd be able to charm the monster. My friend knowing this opted to wait until I decided so that he could make the best decision for himself) Also, if the monster is charmed away, who gets the treasures in either situation, if he stays until the charm is used, or runs away before hand?

(This was settled because my friend forgot to add a +2 steed of some sort so my potion was ineffectual and we were forced to win)
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Default Re: Wizard Vs. Bard abilities

If the primary person in combat runs away, the helper must run away as well.
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Default Re: Wizard Vs. Bard abilities

To expand on Eben's statement: Running Away, though performed separately by both players, is considered an event that occurs simultaneously. In other words, once the main combatant decides to Run Away, the combat is over and both players must run Away. One player can't stay and try to fight, both must Run Away. If you wanted to charm the Monster, you could have just done it, since you're in the combat and therefore can charm a Monster. However, the Treasure will be distributed based on the original deal. In your case, there was no deal (as you were enthralled), so you'd get nothing out of it, and your Bard buddy would get all the Treasure.
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Mister Ed
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Default Re: Wizard Vs. Bard abilities

Yeah, the person whose combat it is decides when to run away. The main Munchkin can't run away, and then the helper charm the monster. Once running away starts, everybody runs away.
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