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Old 11-20-2009, 09:51 AM   #11
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Default Re: Sherpa!

Originally Posted by MIB2826 View Post
I've already signed stuff :)
Upon request!
I'd love to have your signature on one of your Heart of the Anomaly cards. PM me for my address...
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Default Re: Sherpa!

Originally Posted by EarthStone View Post
Yeah, but does the wife saying "Pay the bills. Here, sign this check." really count? What? Isn't that what you meant? It's all anyone asks me to sign...
I've signed Munchkin stuff.

For example,

Recently, at Spiel, some guy asked me if he could claim the, then empty, table reserved for signing sessions to play Munchkin.

After I had told him the table was for signing sessions, he told me he could sign stuff.
I asked him if he was famous, or even famous within the Munchkin community. He agreed he was not. I then told him I was, with with up to four credits in numerous Munchkin products in several countries.

He admitted he defeat and disappeared into the crowd.
later he, and his mates, were playing Munchkin Quest at our booth and he asked me to sign his MQ coaster :-)
JHG Hendriks
One Of Our European MIBs
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