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Default Triplanetary Questions

Unboxed my Triplanetary today. Love it so far. Trying to make sure I understand movement so I would love it if someone can check me and answer a few questions. Looking at this image

Turn 1: Took off from Venus to hex A. Movement vector is nothing.
Turn 2: Spent a fuel towards hex B. Due to gravity from entering hex A in turn 1, ended up in hex C with a 1 hex vector towards hex D.
Turn 3: Spent a fuel towards hex D. Due to gravity from entering hex C in turn 2, I end up in hex E.

First question - this correct so far?
Second question - in traveling from hex C to hex E, I traveled along the hex spine of a gravity hex but did not enter it. For my next turn, will I be affected by gravity or not?

Last question which is not about movement. What are the lines around the planets? You can see the blue line around Venus 5 hexes out at the top of the picture. I don't see where they are mentioned.

Have a game scheduled next week with a co-worker and looking forward to it. Thanks in advance for the help.
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Desert Scribe
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Default Re: Triplanetary Questions

As I recall, the rules state that you get off the planet surface for free, then spend one point of fuel to orbit in either direction. So you would not have a vector of zero, you'd have a vector of one (from one gravity hex to an adjacent gravity hex). You have to adjust your vector to leave orbit. The rest of your navigation looks correct.

The lines around planets are the detection range, measured from the bases (the * symbols) around each world.
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Default Re: Triplanetary Questions

Refer to the above picture as I explain, to the best of my knowledge.

Turn 1: Ship moves into hex A, from a base hexside on Venus. The ship has spent 0 fuel points.
Turn 2: Ship must spend 1 fuel point or crash. Assuming the player wants to break orbit ASAP, the ship would normally be vectoring towards hex B. The player wants to start moving directly towards Mercury (off the right side of the photo), so he spends a fuel point that would normally adjust his vector to hex C. Because of the influence of the gravity arrow, the vessel actually moves to hex D.
Alternatively, the ship can spend a fuel point to enter orbit, moving to either of the hexes marked G.
Turn 3: The ship is no longer influenced by gravity. It can coast to hex E, or spend a fuel point to move to any of the hexes marked F (including hex C), or spend a fuel point to stay in hex D.

Note that there is nothing to remember; everything is done right on the map. When plotting your course, first find your vector and end hex as if nothing was on the map, then adjust for gravity. That'll show you if you need to spend a fuel point, and in which direction. It's harder to explain than it is to do! Note that if the player had just spent a fuel point as if he was moving from A to D directly, the gravity of hex A would've pulled him into the lower hex G.
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