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Pope Uncommon the Dainty
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Default The angel & demon of Senility?

I'm staying with my 90yo gramma and now I'm wondering....what Choir would the angel of Senility be, and who would she serve? A cherub of Destiny? An ofan of Dreams? A mercurian of Wind? A kuriotes of Children seems oddly appropriate...

And of course, the same question for our Downstairs Neighbors. Almost undoubtedly a former servitor of Oblivion, would they be balseraph or bright lilu or shedu? Would they serve Kronos or Kobal or Nybbas or Belial, of all people?

I would assume they would have a shared Word and Word friction, which prolly just empowers the Word, honestly.
either e/em/eir pronouns or fey/fem/fear pronouns
{if you don't want to learn new words, singular they is OK}
Many gods, no masters. Re-enchantment or bust!
"So I donít even want to hear about reality. I donít want reality. Reality will only ever be exclusionary." --Aevee Bee, "Toward a Cutie Aesthetic"
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