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Default Re: Heroic Archer House Rule

Originally Posted by evileeyore View Post
Now, a 'properly made'* DF Ogre Scout can do some serious damage... when he drives the 3 inch diameter arrow shaft through the target and the wall behind the target...
I've been wanting to make an ogre that wears a ballista like a backpack, and walks around with a gnome buddy on her shoulder. When the action comes, the Ogre puts her fists down on the ground, tucks her chin, and the gnome launches massive darts from her back.
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Default Re: Heroic Archer House Rule

The only major issue I can see with the -1/-2 to skip the rolls is that I’ve certainly taken shots at adjusted skill 12. I’d say it works as an option for the archer, but they should have the possibility of saying “I’m going to make all three rolls in this case because going from 12 to 11 to avoid two rolls of vs 17+ isn’t reasonable”
Per-based Stealth isn’t remotely as awkward as DX-based Observation.
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