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Default Re: Lost in Dreams (Jane Doe)

The halls are basically deserted now. Before, they were full of pedestrians and joggers. Now they're empty.

Its very easy to find the medical bay: a long hall lined with personal pods leads you to a round hall with public/commercial rooms, including the east medical bay.

When she gets to the medical bay, Its surrounded by five people. Two of them are on beds on wheels, solid all the way to the floor. one of them looks very sick, and Two of them have extremely vacant looks on their faces. Doctors Kuse and West are still there, but Ostav is gone.

Kuse is moving people in and out of the scanning chair, and West is pouring over data on a screen. Both seem very frazzled.

Dr. Kuse: "Olive, why are you ... oh!, Ok. But... never mind. I'll send you instructions."

Dr. Kuse continues to move people in and out of the chair, but instructions appear on the SAU anyways.

The SAU brings up a list of names, with pictures next to them. The pictures are those of the people around the door. It has an order for when they should be scanned. Some of them also exhibit messages, such as:
  • leaving medical queue. Please return to queue.
  • Scanning complete, please direct to exit
  • Prepare for testing
There are a few people who are on the list who aren't in the area at all. It seems that Dr. Kuse mostly needs help directing people... people who are mostly invalid, or who are wandering off for some reason.
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