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Default Clarification on a situation

I'd like a clarification on a situation

I'm an halflings and fighting a Plutonium Dragon, I have more than enough to beat Plutonium Dragon, so another player plays wandering monster and plays a Stoned Golem. Combined I can't beat the monsters, but individually I can beat either.

I want to know what happens next.

The rules say that normally you have to fight both combined or run away from both, but since I'm a halfling I must fight the Stoned Golem. But there is no rule that says I can't run away from the Plutonium Dragon.

Am I allowed to run from the Plutonium Dragon and fight the Stoned Golem? Or does the Stoned Golem exception force me to fight both. If I'm able to run away from the Plutonium Dragon, I'm still forced to fight the Stoned Golem. So is the Plutonium Dragon's strength taken into effect, since the rules say I have to fight the combined combat strength, or am I fighting the Stoned Golem by itself since I ran away from the Plutonium Dragon.

Also not sure why I'm even asking this. When a card says I have to fight a monster, it does in fact mean I can't run away. Even if it doesn't explicitly say I can't run away, being forced to attack it would make it impossible for me to run away right by rolling the dice?
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Default Re: Clarification on a situation

The whole point of Stoned Golem and its relationship with Halflings is that Halflings can't simply ignore it. So, if you're a Halfling, you don't have a choice to ignore it. Of course, you could also stop being a Halfling, then you could ignore Stoned Golem and try to fight the Plutonitum Dragon. If you are a Halfling, want to remain a Halfling, then you have to fight, but if you can't beat both Monsters' combined combat strength, you have to Run Away.
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