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Default [DF] A DF Campaign Setting concept: Post-Banestorm Earth

Okay, so had this idea for a Dungeon Fantasy setting. Here's the pitch, done Infinite Worlds Style:
Tolkien, 1200 C.E.

Current Affairs
The Era of Banestorms is dying down, leaving native humanity to deal with a changed world of Magic, Monsters and other Intelligent races, some friendly, some hostile. A new generation of adventuring heroes must delve into ruins of the old world (and offworld buildings translocated by the Banestorms) and battle monsters and demons, for glory and fortune.

Divergence Point
500 C.E.; a ritual spell gone awry somehow interlocked with botched ritual spells on other worlds in other dimensions, causing a massive global Banestorm, which brought various people and creatures to Earth from world such as Yrth, Gabrook, Loren'dil, Olokun, and many other worlds, as well as from stranger dimensions.

Major Civilizations
Western (multipolar), Islamic (multipolar), Chinese (empire with satellite states), Orthodox (Bipolar), Norse (diffuse), Dwarven (empire), Elven (diffuse)

Great Powers
Song China (dictatorship, CR4), Deb Zarak [New Zarak] (feudal oligarchy, CR3 for dwarves), Holy Roman Empire (feudal, CR3), Roman Empire [Byzantines] (dictatorship, CR4), Abbasid Caliphate (dictatorship, CR 3),

Worldline Data
TL: 3-4 Mana Level: Normal
Quantum: 3 Infinity Class: Z3
Centrum Zone: Inaccessible

At this point it's just a broad strokes idea, but some ideas I was considering include:
-Jerusalem being ruled by a new Religious Order consisting of allied Jewish, Christian and Muslim religious leaders and warriors united by a Divine Message by angels delivering the Arc of the Covenant to bring peace and order to the world. The city itself is patrolled and protected by Golems who enforce a strict Peace Code.
-A Viking resurgence, led by Runepriests and Skinchangers seeking to restablish the Old Faith.
-Serpentfolk Sorceror-priests using magic and plotting to overthrow the Fatimid Caliphate and establish a Serpent-Lord Empire.
-New Zarak, the Underground Kingdom of the Dwarves, built under the Alps.
-Orcs have thrived out in the wilderness, and many have learned from the Mongols, and begun forming Hordes of their own, becoming a menace to civilization.

That's just a few ideas I had. I'm open to further suggestions and criticisms.

Edit: Decided to amend the year to 1200, to put it right at the start of the High Middle Ages.

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