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Join Date: Jan 2005
Location: Aiken, South Carolina
Default SCARAB January 18-21, 2019 - Columbia SC

If anyone is in the area and has the time, I will be running 3 GURPS games at SCARAB this year.

Friday, January 18th, 8pm to 1am:
Viking Fantasy Adventure: Expedition to the Black City
A Viking fantasy adventure where there is Frodleikr (magic), Alfr (Elves), Dvegr (Dwarfs), and Hvedrungr (monsters) in the world. The setting is a ruined, alien city made of strange black stone covered with eldritch runes that lies in a glazier cut fjord on the frozen shores of the island of Thule, in the realms of the midnight summer sun.

Your group has been lured to the Black City by tales of fabulous treasures of magic, gems, gold, and more. You have joined the crew of a Knarr (Viking sailing ship optimized for cargo and trade), the Arendt’s Fury, on its sponsored treasure expedition to the Black City. Will the Skalds sing of your triumphed return with riches? Will the worms eat at your cold frozen corpses? Or will you lose your minds, souls, and bodies, and unleash elder horrors on the world? Only time will tell …

Saturday, January 19th, 8am to 1pm:
The Sleepers Awaken (Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction Adventure)
The characters wake in a partially ruined facility filled ultra-tech gadgets, with total amnesia. They need to discover who they are, why they are there, what happened, and try to survive.

Sunday, January 20th, 8am to 1 pm:
Lifeboat in the Deep Beyond (Space – Adventure/Horror)
You are passengers aboard the luxury starliner Spirt of Rhylandor, enjoying a leisure trip. Moments later, you’ll be struggling for your lives, and just when you think you have found your salvation, the real horror begins.

The adventure is in a space opera setting (an alternative Traveller Universe) with faster than light travel (Jump Drive), reactionless thrusters, artificial gravity, compact fusion reactors, aliens, and psionics.
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