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Tom H.
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Default Re: July 11, 2018: Steve Talks Munchkin Unicorns

Originally Posted by johndallman View Post
Should Phil Reed's "Evolving, Adapting And Building A Stronger Steve Jackson Games" posting have appeared today, or maybe tomorrow?
Phil Reed's announcement in the Daily Illuminator on this day, July 11, 2018, was significant as it discussed the state of the gaming industry and the direction of SJ Games.

However, I've noticed something unusual in trying to reference it.

There were actually two Illuminator entries posted for this same day. Depending on how you use the calendar widget (Illumichron 2300) to access the day you may not see the complete entries.

I have found three different links to reference this day.

Phil Reed's announcement. Occurs by itself when navigating the calendar with the forward arrow.
A separate Munchkin topic. Occurs by itself when navigating the calendar with the back arrow.
Both Illuminator topics. Occurs when clicking the exact day in the calendar.

Furthermore, it appears that this thread is the only one serving comments to both topics even though it is titled with the Munchkin topic only.

I thought I would share this since I had trouble going back to the announcement and thought it was an important reference.
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