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Desert Scribe
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Default Triplanetary: habitable worlds?

The Grand Tour 2037 AD scenario refers to starting at one of the six "habitable full gravity world[s]," but I couldn't find where these worlds are listed or defined anywhere in the rules.

I'm assuming these "habitable worlds" are the astral bodies with planetary bases and full-gravity hexes (solid arrows): Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Callisto, and Ganymede.

Did I read this right?
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Default Re: Triplanetary: habitable worlds?

That's they way we've played it. The rules, I believe, reinforces it further with this:

Each ship must pass through at least one
gravity hex of each astral body with full gravity (the
six habitable ones, plus Jupiter and the Sun) and return
to land on its starting world. The first ship to do so
wins. In case of ties, the lowest fuel consumption wins.
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