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Old 01-09-2011, 04:50 AM   #11
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Default Re: The British Warehouse 23

A steel lined bowler hat and umbrella, initials JS.

A harness that fits under a jacket with 2 throwing knives. Labeled Willy G.

A humanoid robot Cybernaut.

A container labeled Herakleophorbia IV.
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Finding Neo
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Default Re: The British Warehouse 23

Medical manuscripts that require masses of power (Shelley)
Engineer's plans of a massive water vessel (Capt Nemo)
Rejected plans for jet engines (more factual I suppose)
You know I am a socialist I thought I have some links to hand ;P
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Default Re: The British Warehouse 23

Oh, this should be suitably obscure and grotesque:

An oversized, obviously handmade, book. Opening it reveals that it has relatively few pages for its thickness, each of which is made of leather and some of which have been sewn together from fragments of unusual shapes. On one side of each page there is writing that seems to have been cut into the leather, then enhanced with some sort of pigment. The book is a collection of stories, each written in a different hand and describing a different horror.

(Any Clive Barker fan should be able to figure this one out.)
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Default Re: The British Warehouse 23

In a fit of lazy helpfulness, I bring you:
THIS! (Which really is the only thing you need for a British Warehouse 23)
A few random examples from the General comic cook heroes section
(this being the British section of the site):

Captan Hornet
Danny Drew's Dialing Man
Full O'Beans
The Gauntlet of Fate
The Inky-Top Imps
The Jet-Skaters
Spring-Heeled Jackson
Steel Commando
Sammy Brewster's Ski-Board Squad
Starr of Wonderland
Danny's Tranny
Pete's Pocket Army
Six Milliobn Dollar Gran
Val's Vanishing Cream
Martha's Monster Make-up

Brian's Brain
The Cat Girl
The Danger twins
The Phantom Viking
The Z-bikes
Micky Marvel
Billy Binns
Maisie's Magic Eye

Robot Archie

Several of these appeared in Alan Moore's Albion (which pretty much was
British Warehouse 23 the comic/if Alan Moore was DMing).
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Default Re: The British Warehouse 23

A small box filled with at least a dozen round pin-on badges. Each badge shows a penny-farthing bicycle, except that the axle of the larger wheel has been replaced with a number "2" in Albertus font.

(I'm surprised nobody's mentioned anything from this show yet - especially since there was a GURPS 3e book about it.)
Rob Kelk
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– Bernard Baruch,
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Default Re: The British Warehouse 23

From further back than you suggest; but if an historical artefact survives, it survives until the times you suggest...

A large photograph of a church's stained-glass window: four saints can be seen, their vestments have thick, black borders.
Next to it, an ancient book, collecting fragments and pages from ancient ecclesiastical texts; with care the four saints above can be correlated with a certain English abbey, and the latin phrases: '-they have upon their vestments words that which no man knoweth', and '-there is a stone with seven stars'.

A small bronze tube about four inches long, quite full of beach sand.
When cleaned, there can be read 'Fle, Fla, Flu, Fle' on one side, and the latin phrase easily translated as 'Who is this who is coming?' on the other.
Label: 'Aldeburgh, 1936'.

Under constant motion-sensor watch in a sealed room marked 'Danger of Death', a not over-large framed mezzotint of an ordinary English country house; small, three floors. If you should go in and look closely, one of the ground-floor windows can be seen to be open, when the video record shows it wasn't yesterday.
On the back is a torn label '-nningley Hall 1799.'

In a drawer, a soft leather bag containing a beautiful tear-shaped crystal on a string that is apprently made of golden hair. How it is suspended from the string is not obvious. Some people claim to see a whirling blue flame or a waterspout in the centre of it.
Label: 'Alderley Edge, Cheshire, 1959'.
Next to it, a photograph of a rock cliff with the words carved over a horse-trough; 'Thirsty Traveller, drink thy fill, for the water falls, by the wizard's will'.

A tall cupboard/closet containing a chipped white teacup with a pearl-pattern rim, a blocky stone about a foot across, a rusty sword that looks like a toy, and a stick about five feet long with an old bronze knife on the end.
No label.

A puzzle for the latin scholar: a strong wooden box marked 'hedge maze markers', containing 25 Square cobblestones, each one Marked with a letter: AAADEEEIIIMNNNOOPRRRRSSTT.
Label: '1750?'

In a securely-locked glass case, a slip of paper about half-an-inch by ten inches, with a line of unusual runes, similar to norse.
Label: 'Do NOT Touch'.

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Rocket Man
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Default Re: The British Warehouse 23

Three books in a locked cabinet, two of which appear to be academic works: A Treatise on the Binomal Theorem and -amics of an Asteroid (the rest of the title is unfortunately illegible). The third is a water-damaged diary entitled After the Falls: A Post-Mortem.
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Default Re: The British Warehouse 23

An antique silver creamer in the shape of a cow.

A trophy cup with the incription: Drones Club Darts Tournament 1954
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Default Re: The British Warehouse 23

A severed head of unusually large size. It shows no sign of dessication or decay.

Located near the above item - a wooden crate containing the fragments of a very large cast iron cauldron.

A two-meter long section of the torso of some unknown eel-like creature. The section still twitches and writhes. The slime and fluids are poisonous, withering plants and causing redness and irritation to unprotected skin (and worse if it is ingested or enters a wound).

An arrow, dating to the 12th century, split in twain by a second arrow still lodged within it.

The laboratory notebooks of Rupert Fenton. Within are designs for a device which, if constructed, will cancel out all sound over a considerable volume. Unmentioned in the notes are just what happens if the device cancels out too much sound.
(actually, the same literary work could be the source for a great number of warehouse items, all with weird properties, none of which work quite like expected, and all of which have been hushed up.)

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Ed the Coastie
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Default Re: The British Warehouse 23

A segment of tree-trunk some 7-8 feet in length. X-rays or other imaging reveals a human male figure encased within the wood, apparently in some form of stasis.
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britain, british, conspiracy, warehouse 23

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