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Old 05-03-2010, 12:45 PM   #31
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Default Re: [ISWAT/IW] Theme song for the TV series (if there was one)

Doctor who theme is probably too obvious, but it would work ...
(With Tardis sound for world jump ...)


Edit: for some reason, i am thinking of this, too.
Not intuitive, but i think the recurring fast theme(first at 1:05) would do great for a conveyor jump.
And the various part around the leitmotiv could easily be various worlds.

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Philosopher Rogue
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Default Re: [ISWAT/IW] Theme song for the TV series (if there was one)

I think it depends on the mood of the campaign, but here's one:
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Pike's Pique
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Default Re: [ISWAT/IW] Theme song for the TV series (if there was one)

Just remembered - I always thought this song would make a Darn good theme song for either a time-traveling or a timeline-hopping TV show:

...Same song, different arrangement & performing artist:

The song and the lyrics have the right oomph and energy for an asction-adventure drama show about good guys trying to keep the tinelines straight and defended from Centrum (or Reich-5)

- Ed Charlton
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Default Re: [ISWAT/IW] Theme song for the TV series (if there was one)

The kids were watching Monsters vs. Aliens the other day when I heard the perfect song for my IW campaign. It has that nice mix of futurism with a retro beat that evokes... well... just watch it and see.
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infinite worlds

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