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Default Re: Altering the Initiative Order

Originally Posted by sir_pudding View Post
I'm pretty sure this always going to benefit the character with the higher Basic Speed. Unless I'm missing something.
No, it's going to benefit the character that Waited, just look at the example I laid down. It is the interruption of another characters turn that gives you the advantage, and the interruption is caused by the Wait.

As has already been said before, characters going in the order (A-B-A-B-A-B-A-B) can just as easily be looked at as going in the order A-(B-A-B-A-B-A-B-A). Once the first turn has been taken it's just ***-for-tat, there is no more advantage in going "first." Or, to modify one of your examples, lets say Zed has Basic Speed 8.00 and Able has Basic Speed 7.00:

Zed (turn 1): I move towards Zed. He's 9 yards away, I'll be within a step on my next turn.
Able (turn 1): I wait for Zed to come within range, then I will attack him first!
Zed (turn 2): I move a step and Attack Able.
Able (turn 1): That triggers my Wait, so I get to attack! I hit!
Zed (turn 2): Okay, I Parry and Riposte for -4. I Succeed.
Zed (turn 2): I get to roll my attack now, but you must defend at -4! Ha!
Able (turn 1): On noes! I failed to defend. I take damage!
Able (turn 2): I get to Attack again but I have shock penalties. If you Parry though it is at a penalty because it will be your second Parry.

Same exact outcome except Zed got to "go" first, and most of Zed's noteworthy actions took place during the portion of Zed's second turn that overlaps with Able's first turn.
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