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Default Re: [Banestorm] Wizard Builds?

Originally Posted by Oni5115 View Post
I'm possibly playing a wizard character in an upcoming campaign for Banestorm. I'm not certain on the point limit yet; probably in the 150-200 pt range though.

1. Would an enchanter or golemancer be effective? (as opposed to a more traditional battle wizard).
Hmm... the best I could do on 200 points is:

Jim the master enchanter: IQ 16 [100], Archmage: 2 [20] Magery (dance) 5 [35], 20 spells for enchant prereq [20] Bless [1] Enchant [1] Various specific enchant spells [23] Allies: "Apprentices"*4 (on a 15 or better) 100% of your point value [60] Other to round out character [20] Disadvantage [-100]

That gives you 10 energy+3 to 4 helpers, all probably clocking in at 15ish. Plus whatever can be scrounged from power stones. You should be able to ding 100 with powerstones for Q+D. (Also note you can dish out the bless spell at 2 to everyone.) You do much better at 250 to 300 points. If the GM lets you pull a reasonable amount of negative FP that can also increase it a bit more. Finally, enslave is a viable casting option (as is youth) with this level of power. Actual enchantments include, hideaway, cornucopia, quick-aim, fortify, staff, deflect, lighten, powerstone, bless...

If you had another 100 points, this would go much better. You could add three more apprentices, probably even cook up lesser wishes. If the GM allows enchantment only, special recharge ER this would also go a lot better.

Not sure how much fun you would have with it though. I mean, you'll give everyone just a touch more DR, make them roll a bit better ect.
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