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Default [GAME AID] The Last Gasp Assistant

I recently picked up Pyramid 3/44, and fell in love with The Last Gasp, but it does of course require a lot more book keeping than regular play. However with the power of technology we can take that burden off the GM and players. I've done so for the Last Gasp, with this web app.

Features include:
  • Tracking FP and AP.
  • Automatic calculation of stat reduction from fatigue
  • Options to use high resolution stat loss on ALL stats, not just ST
  • Automated rolling & calculation for recovery from maneuvers.
  • A visual display of FP with the stages of fatigue/recovery time.
  • Automated HT rolling to mitigate the AP loss from injury.
  • Option to use for dice rolling, in case you're concerned that your computer's pseudo random number generator won't be random enough.
  • Saving & loading to/from your computer's local storage.
  • Multiple characters!
  • Hopefully more to come.

I've done a test with my players and they found it easy enough to use. I'd appreciate feedback though. I'm not entirely sure my understanding of the stages of FP recovery are correct, so confirmation of that so I can update the app to reflect it would be great.

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game aid, the last gasp

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