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Default Re: Patron and its problems

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
Gurps will handle heads of state and a "Rulership" type game. I've played it and recommended the resources I've used to others. Its a fun sort of game.
I am loving it, and still reading the blog. Maybe you want to fix a typo I detected with hygiene ("hygeine").
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Default Re: Patron and its problems

Originally Posted by jason taylor View Post
But that is when they are shifting genres and playing straight out strategy games...

The question is whether they are interested in playing heads of state in a Gurps game and the answer is probably not. Because RPG's are essentially interactive theater and people come for a different purpose, and to evoke different desires.
There is a lot of drama and role-playing opportunity surrounding heads of state. Look at Lord of the Rings, Dune, King Arthur, or Shakespeare. What's important to understand is that playing the head of state in a strategy game and playing one in an RPG are fundamentally different activities, even when the focus is on winning a war.

As an example, actually fighting a mass combat battle in gurps isn't terribly interesting: you add up your numbers and its really hard to change the outcome once the battle starts. However, mass combat is built to support battles when you need to fight them, and makes putting together, keeping united, moving, and supplying your army just as interesting as leading it into battle. This is a feature: the system focuses on the parts of the process with the best narrative hooks.
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