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Default November 18, 2020: Great Work, Team!

November 18, 2020: Great Work, Team!

Read this article on the Illuminator.
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Default Re: November 18, 2020: Great Work, Team!

I am a very lucky fellow. Thanks to the hard work of the Steve Jackson Games crew, all of our planned distribution releases for the first five months of the year are already at the factory. While this doesn't guarantee that each of those new titles will hit our planned street date (especially with the way COVID-19 keeps causing havoc on the manufacturing and shipping side of the coin), we are in as perfect a situation as we could hope for when it comes to our chances of those 10+ new releases shipping to distributors on schedule.
This is great news - it's challenging for any organization to get their hard work out to the printers and makers, but congrats on staying the course even in hard times. (Hopefully this will be a nice highlight in the stakeholder report in a few months' time.)

Also, the prospect of 10+ new releases is exciting in and of itself.
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