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Default Combat and Cultist win timing

Hey, I have played with my friends Munchkin Cthulhu and have following question.

There are 4 cultist players in the game and 2 non-cult. One of the non-cult players is 9lvl.

Cultist player (also 9lvl) opens the door and fights against monster weaker than him. Nobody is interfering by helping the monster but somebody uses card to turn low-lvl non-cult player to cultist.

My question is what happens first. Last non-cult player got 10lvl by this action? Cultist player killed monster and got 10lvl? Or both and two players reached 10lvl at the same time?
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Andrew Hackard
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Default Re: Combat and Cultist win timing

It depends on when the card was played to turn the non-Cultist into a Cultist.

If the card was played while combat was still happening, the game is over and the last non-Cultist wins by reaching Level 10. If the combat ended (meaning the player said “I’m winning” and waited a reasonable time for someone to say something), then the game is over and the player who killed the monster wins by reaching Level 10.

Winning the combat and gaining the level for killing the monsters are simultaneous events as far as the game is concerned. There isn’t a sliver of time between winning and gaining the level where you could sneak in another card play to force a shared victory. (As always, the wording on specific cards may override this general rule, but the card has to say that explicitly.)
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